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Adam Sparks is a jack of all trades but a master of none. 

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Lone Star Racer

MotoGP racer Ben Spies is a Texan not afraid to go 200 mph

By Adam Sparks

MotoGP, the world’s premier motorcycle race, hits the Circuit of the Americas in Austin this weekend. For most Texans, it’s a chance to see an exotic spectacle — multi-million ...

Pitmaster news

The rebirth of a Texas barbecue legend: John Mueller Meat Co. goes to Sixth and Pedernales

By Adam Sparks

Texas loves two things: barbecue and rebels. John Mueller has the market cornered on both. It's the second comeback saga for John Mueller, marked by the sell-out grand opening ...

Slurp City

Ramen in Austin: The best bowls to get your noodle on

By Adam Sparks

Not sure about the whole ramen noodle craze sweeping Austin right now? Well here's a word of encouragement: ramen is to Japan as barbecue is to Texas. Ramen is ...


Cowboys game changers: Explosive defense and an elite Tony Romo topple the Steelers

By Adam Sparks

Remember when the Cowboys were 3-5? No, nor does anyone else within a 300 mile radius of Dallas. The formerly feckless Cowboys have found their late season mojo with a ...

Local Food Scene

We 4 Kings: With the new Hole in the Wall location, which East Side King trailer reigns supreme?

By Adam Sparks

You can never have too much of a good thing. Paul Qui — James Beard winning chef, Top Chef Texas winner, and, ever increasingly, trailer food magnate — has given the people ...


Cowboys game changers: On a kick and a prayer, Dan Bailey seals a precarious Dallas victory

By Adam Sparks

All season long, Cowboys fans have had to deal with the fact that the best-looking loss (or at least the best second-half comeback) is still a loss. With every game ...


Cowboys game changers: Too-good Tony Romo and back-in-action DeMarco Murray

By Adam Sparks

Did anyone really think playing the Philadelphia Eagles would be easy? Although the Eagles may have been in full collapse mode the week before, every Eagle played hard for the ...


Cowboys game changers: Small ball, stalled Newton and gun-shy Romo

By Adam Sparks

When you're playing against Cam Newton, you take a win any way you get it. Blink at the wrong moment, and Newton will be barreling down the field, juking ...

How 'Bout Them Cowboys?

Dallas Cowboys top 10: Clairvoyant predictions for the 2012 season

By Adam Sparks

Thank goodness football season is back. If you’re a Dallas Cowboys fan – if you support America – then you’re ready to sign on for the journey as the Cowboys ...

Last Hurrah

Anthony Bourdain's new season of No Reservations starts in Austin: Episode airs Monday, chicken testicles and all

By Adam Sparks

Let's cut through all the noise in the world of food TV: Anthony Bourdain has the best food show on television. Exotic, interesting, salivating, No Reservations is to food ...

Waste Not, Want Not

in.gredients: The first ever zero-waste grocery store is revolutionizing how Austin eats

By Adam Sparks

Think fast. What are the seven main ingredients in your average frosted brown sugar cinnamon Pop Tart? If you guessed enriched flour, brown sugar, soybean and palm oil (with TBHQ ...

Pad Thai Posthumous

Chef Rene Ortiz opens up about his new Thai menu at Sway

By Adam Sparks

Think back, if you can, to a time not so long ago before Rene Ortiz brought his inspired Mexican cooking to La Condesa on 2nd Street.   Before then, where did ...

Foodie Finds

Underground eats: Three little known Austin restaurants that will up your foodie street cred

By Adam Sparks

If you have a penchant for stopping in to every parking lot taco stand or strip mall Asian food joint, you'll quickly realize one important fact: Most non-talked about ...

Salty Sow-How

Salty Sow's Chef Marmulstein lends a little TLC to the formerly forgotten pig parts

By Adam Sparks

Now is your chance to say that you ate at the Salty Sow when it was just a little restaurant tucked away on Manor Road. If history is anything to ...

Oaxaca via Austin

Mex without the Tex: El Naranjo's brick and mortar signals the beginning of the end for Tex-Mex

By Adam Sparks

Growing up in Texas, one thing was undeniably clear: Processed cheese is an authentic Tex-Mex staple. The yellower, the waxier, the better.   At least, that was my upbringing. Every Wednesday ...

The Ron Paul Revolution

Rationally defending Ron Paul: Detractors and supporters beware

By Adam Sparks

It's hard for outsiders to understand the world of Ron Paul. Friedrich Hayek, Ludwig von Mises and Murray Rothbard — Austrian School economists whose ideas form the basis of Paul ...

Ron Paul Revolution

Ron Paul Visits UT: Raw milk, raw passion and thousands of enraptured Longhorns

By Adam Sparks

Ron Paul is the greatest anomaly ever witnessed in American politics. The man is 76-years-old, thinks America should have never left the gold standard, and gets his kicks from talking ...

Cowboy Heaven

God Bless Texas: Austin chefs at Vaca Y Vino to roast a whole steer this weekend

By Adam Sparks

It's every cowboy's dream: eating an entire cow in one sitting. All 800 pounds of it. This weekend, out at the Bridges Ranch in Wimberly, 400 lucky guests ...

Food Rules

Chocolate, wine and pizza: Six lessons to learn from Italian food culture

By Adam Sparks

When I'm not pissing off readers from Dallas and Houston, my day job has me leading tours to Greece and Italy for academic and alumni groups. Traveling for work ...


Tastemaker-nominated pastry chefs vie to be the King (or Queen) of All Things Sweet

By Adam Sparks

After a relentless scouring of Austin's dessert scene, only five chefs have earned a Tastemaker Award nomination for Pastry Chef. And no, none of them serve cupcakes. Meet the ...

All articles by this author.  28 Results. Showing 1 to 20
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