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Alex Bentley

Alex Bentley

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Alex Bentley isn’t a Dallas-Fort Worth native, but with all his experience in the area, he’s the next best thing. He received his bachelor’s degree from TCU, and after a five-year sojourn to work for the Florida Marlins in Miami, he returned to the area to get his master’s degree at UNT. Prior to joining CultureMap, he worked for Pegasus News, helping deliver hyper-local news to the internet masses. He uses that experience to make CultureMap the go-to site for everything to see and do in Dallas.

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Watch the Hair

Story shortchanges A-list actors in unsatisfying American Hustle

By Alex Bentley

Seven of the eight films writer/director David O. Russell has done, including American Hustle, could be classified as comedies, which pretty much makes him a comedic filmmaker. But his ...


Saving Mr. Banks is a spoonful of Mary Poppins movie fun

By Alex Bentley

Movies about making movies, especially ones based on real-life stories, will always be catnip for film lovers, as they purport to take us behind the curtains and show what really ...

Bilbo's Quest Renewed

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug brings excitement back to Middle Earth

By Alex Bentley

When The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey came out in 2012, it was an undeniably fun return to Middle Earth, but it was missing that certain something that made The Lord ...

A Film With No Heat

Out of the Furnace's pointless story lacks fire despite star power

By Alex Bentley

Writer/director Scott Cooper struck gold with his 2009 directorial debut Crazy Heart, mostly thanks to the Oscar-winning performance by star Jeff Bridges. It’s no surprise, then, that stars ...

Doing the Wrong Thing

Spike Lee's version of Oldboy gets lost in translation

By Alex Bentley

There are likely two main audiences for Spike Lee’s new film, Oldboy: those who are fans of the director’s films and can’t wait to see what he ...

Film Dystopia

Jennifer Lawrence lights up the screen once more in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

By Alex Bentley

When The Hunger Games came out in March 2012, it’s fair to say there were modest expectations for the film. Star Jennifer Lawrence, who already had one Oscar nomination ...

Powerful AIDS Film

Matthew McConaughey is gaunt and riveting in Dallas Buyers Club

By Alex Bentley

Matthew McConaughey’s reputation as an ultra laid-back dude who occasionally plays bongos in the buff is so ingrained that it’s easy to forget what a solid actor he ...

Another End Times Movie

Ender's Game speeds through story and loses audience along the way

By Alex Bentley

In a way, Ender’s Game — based on the 1985 novel by Orson Scott Card — is coming out at exactly the wrong time. It’s a futuristic space movie released ...

Somber Movie Magic

Oscar-worthy 12 Years a Slave offers unflinching and surprising look at a despicable practice

By Alex Bentley

Filmmakers have attempted to tackle the topic of slavery virtually since the beginning of the medium. But it has more often been one aspect of a larger story about the ...

This Does Not Compute

The Fifth Estate bores with techno-snore story behind WikiLeaks

By Alex Bentley

When WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange first began his assaults on governments around the world by publishing documents detailing atrocities and other secrets, only the hardiest of souls could wade through ...

Real-Life Hijacking Drama

Tom Hanks lines up next Oscar with gripping performance in Captain Phillips

By Alex Bentley

The story of Captain Richard Phillips, who was taken hostage from his cargo ship by Somali pirates in 2009, is just far enough removed to have mostly faded from public ...

Soon-to-be Superstars

Imagine Dragons graduates to superstardom with 2014 show at Frank Erwin Center

By Alex Bentley

Well, that was quick. Band-on-the-rise Imagine Dragons has officially moved into the big time by announcing the 21-city Into the Night tour that will have them playing arenas, including Austin ...

Stellar Space Thriller

Harrowing Gravity takes movie magic to new heights

By Alex Bentley

As a film critic, I’m seldom surprised by what any particular movie throws my way. Having seen thousands of movies, it’s rare that a film truly offers something ...

High Octane Rivalry

Rush delivers thrilling story but humdrum race scenes

By Alex Bentley

The not-so-secret secret behind most sports movies is that the vast majority of them are ultimately not really about sports. The sports aspect of the film is usually just a ...

Big Tex Says Full Price Is for Suckers

How to get into the State Fair of Texas on the cheap

By Alex Bentley

The State Fair of Texas runs from Friday, September 27 - October 20, at Fair Park in Dallas, which means anyone making the trek up north may also want to begin ...

No Thanks

Sex addiction rom-com Thanks for Sharing wastes talents of high-powered cast

By Alex Bentley

Movies about addiction have dotted the film landscape since the early days of the medium, but most of them have dealt with the horrors that alcohol and drug abuse can ...

Early Oscar Contender

Short Term 12 wrings humor, drama and poignancy out of foster care

By Alex Bentley

There are some films that use lots of establishing shots, dialogue and other tricks to prepare an audience for what they are about to witness. All you need to know ...

Hugh Jackman Delivers Again

Prisoners puts all other morally ambiguous movies to shame

By Alex Bentley

One of the great movie litmus tests is about to be presented with Prisoners, a high-intensity drama starring Hugh Jackman, Terrence Howard and Jake Gyllenhaal. The film essentially forces viewers ...

Gangster Movie Greatness

Robert De Niro and Michelle Pfeiffer deliver gangster goods in The Family

By Alex Bentley

No matter what other kind of roles Robert De Niro has played throughout his illustrious career, he will forever be associated with gangster movies. This isn’t an unfair classification ...

Watch Out for Killer Robots

The World's End delivers another cult classic for Simon Pegg fans

By Alex Bentley

The term “cult classics” usually refers to older films that failed to find an audience when they were first released but have since garnered a rabid following. Edgar Wright and ...

All articles by this author.  87 Results. Showing 21 to 40
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