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Alex Bentley

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Alex Bentley isn’t a Dallas-Fort Worth native, but with all his experience in the area, he’s the next best thing. He received his bachelor’s degree from TCU, and after a five-year sojourn to work for the Florida Marlins in Miami, he returned to the area to get his master’s degree at UNT. Prior to joining CultureMap, he worked for Pegasus News, helping deliver hyper-local news to the internet masses. He uses that experience to make CultureMap the go-to site for everything to see and do in Dallas.

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Worst Movies of 2014

The worst movies of 2014 range from epic disasters to comedic fails

By Alex Bentley

It may be hard to believe, but as a film critic, it takes a lot to displease me. If I choose to see a movie, I usually give it the ...

World War II Hero

Angelina Jolie's Unbroken fails to do justice to Louis Zamperini's life story

By Alex Bentley

If ever there was a true story that deserved big-screen treatment, it’s the life of Louis Zamperini. He packed a lifetime’s worth of events into just about 10 ...

Seeing is Believing

Director Tim Burton treats moviegoers with uncharacteristic Big Eyes

By Alex Bentley

Tim Burton’s films don’t normally fly under the radar, but his latest, Big Eyes, certainly has. Perhaps that’s because it has few Oscar aspirations, unlike most other ...

Enigma Wrapped Inside a Great Movie

Thrilling The Imitation Game shakes up WWII genre

By Alex Bentley

Whether we like it or not, movies about World War II continue to be popular for filmmakers because of the myriad stories that can be mined from such rich history ...

Merry Christmas, Kim Jong-un

Every movie theater around Texas showing Sony's The Interview

By Alex Bentley

Alamo Drafthouse was one of the primary proponents of Sony Pictures' releasing The Interview, and the Austin-based theater chain got the lion's share of the credit when the studio ...

Modern War Film

American Sniper delivers stirring tribute to Texas hero Chris Kyle

By Alex Bentley

Last we heard from director Clint Eastwood, he was fumbling his way through the adaptation of the jukebox musical Jersey Boys. So naturally he would quickly follow that up with ...

Fairy Tale Cinema

Disney's Into the Woods sings with live-theater charm

By Alex Bentley

Translating a stage musical into a movie has never been an easy job. The difficulties most often lie in replicating theater’s intimacy, as even the most grandiose of productions ...

Holiday Movie Time

The Hobbit comes to lackluster end with Battle of the Five Armies

By Alex Bentley

Director Peter Jackson captured the imagination of millions of people with The Lord of the Rings trilogy by making films that were equal parts brain, brawn and emotion. When he ...

Movie Drama

Alamo Drafthouse forced to cancel hyped Team America screening

By Alex Bentley

An amusing plan by Alamo Drafthouse in Richardson to screen Team America: World Police in response to Sony's yanking of The Interview has been foiled. The theater has canceled ...

Comedic Genius on Display

Chris Rock gets personal in Top Five: The best film of his career

By Alex Bentley

Great serious comedies — an oxymoronic term, perhaps — are in short supply. Most comedies either try to appeal to the lowest common denominator or aim high and fall short of their ...

Journey of a Lifetime

Reese Witherspoon doesn't shy away from the ugly in Wild performance

By Alex Bentley

Focusing on one character for a feature-length film can be tricky. His or her story has to be compelling enough to warrant such an in-depth look at the person’s ...

Australian Horror Gem

The Babadook may have you checking under the bed for monsters

By Alex Bentley

Any good horror movie needs to have one thing and one thing only: atmosphere. If you don’t set the right tone for the film, you run the risk of ...

Wannabe Prestige Film

Foxcatcher stars can't act their way out of lousy storytelling

By Alex Bentley

Making a great movie is never easy. Multiple factors — from the acting to the directing to the editing to the soundtrack — have to come together to form a cohesive, memorable ...

More Than a Cash Grab

Penguins of Madagascar unleashes sidekicks for fun and sometimes terrifying sequel

By Alex Bentley

For years, the comedy sidekicks in animated films were just that: funny diversions in movies that focused on other characters. But sensing an opportunity to wring even more money out ...

Hunger Games Revolution

Mockingjay - Part 1 sets up final Hunger Games chapter brilliantly

By Alex Bentley

Splitting the final film of a popular book-turned-movie series into two parts is all the rage these days, as the makers of the Harry Potter, Twilight and now The Hunger ...

The Science of Love

The Theory of Everything favors love over science in Stephen Hawking's life story

By Alex Bentley

Stephen Hawking, who has developed scientific theories that boggle the imagination, would be an impressive individual based solely on his intelligence. But when you also consider that he’s done ...

Baymax to the Rescue

Big Hero 6 delivers intelligently cute antidote to superhero movies

By Alex Bentley

Since Marvel Entertainment merged with Disney back in 2009, the production of films based on Marvel characters has shifted into overdrive. Given Disney’s history, it was only a matter ...

McConaughey's New Film

Interstellar reaches for movie heights but falls short of the stars

By Alex Bentley

Director Christopher Nolan has never been the type to take it easy on anyone who watches his movies. From his early works like Following and Memento all the way through ...

Swift Diss

Can't shake this off: Taylor Swift snubs Austin in 2015 tour announcement

By Alex Bentley

An argument could be made that Taylor Swift is the most popular musician on the planet right now, but on her 2015 tour, Texans will have only one chance to ...

Real Estate Innovation

Austin-based tech firm plans to revolutionize commercial real estate marketplace

By Alex Bentley

RealMassive, a burgeoning tech firm based in Austin looking to change the way commercial real estate transactions take place, has expanded its footprint by officially launching in Dallas, Fort Worth ...

All articles by this author.  186 Results. Showing 21 to 40
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