Heidi Gollub

Heidi Gollub started Free Fun in Austin in 2010 as a way to get out of doing housework. Her theory was that running her four kids all over town on adventures for material to write about was a pretty awesome excuse for not doing dishes. This worked swimmingly as her husband bought into her “I’m too busy being a good mother to bother with dusting” routine and people not even related to her began visiting the website. Free Fun In Austin was voted Best Hyperlocal Blog in the 2010 Austin Blogger Awards, was a winner of the 2012 Statesman Social Media awards and a Critics Pick in The Austin Chronicle’s 2011 Best of Austin. It even led to other fun gigs, like writing the “Sizzle Sights” travel column for Parent:Wise magazine and working as a contributing writer on several websites. All things considered, her kids don’t really need clean clothes, right?