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Joelle Zigman is a composer, educator, and music journalist from Jersey City, NJ, currently pursuing a Master’s degree in music composition at the University of Texas at Austin. She recently graduated from The Shepherd School of Music at Rice University (Houston, TX). Joelle began as a singer/songwriter playing on an out-of-tune piano and recording in her makeshift basement studio with friends, inspired primarily by riot grrrl and 1990s female singer/songwriters. Curiosity and frustration with the repetitive, limited scope of singer/songwriting led her to studying composition, piano, and music theory. As a print and broadcast journalist, Joelle has worked with and written for The Rice Thresher; The Rice Standard; the web magazine of the American Music Center, NewMusicBox; masculine-of-center fashion blog DapperQ; Houston public radio station Classical 91.7FM; KVRX, the radio station of UT Austin; and KTRU, the radio station of Rice. She also runs a personal music blog, Nuts and Bolts Music.

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Classical Sounds

Austin-based mezzo-soprano Kathryn Findlen debuts new works in New York

By Joelle Zigman

Austin-based mezzo-soprano Kathryn Findlen makes her two-part New York City debut this May. The first involves the New York City premiere of Kenneth Frazelle’s Songs in the Rear View ...


Slam poetry meets choir at Fusion, Conspirare's improvisational collaboration at the North Door

By Joelle Zigman

I have never heard of a choir collaborating with a slam poet. Never. Maybe the closest thing I've heard about something like this is German composer Thomas Kessler setting ...

Deal with the Devil

A good weekend for opera: Austin Lyric Opera's Faust and Butler's Don Giovanni tackle classics with a modern twist

By Joelle Zigman

Among the myriad of food, music and arts festivals heading to the Capital City, this is also a good weekend for opera lovers in Austin. Austin Lyric Opera’s moving ...

Contemporary Sounds

Music marathon: Fast Forward Austin celebrates cutting-edge, classical music

By Joelle Zigman

Robert Honstein, Steven Snowden Iand Ian Dicke are the founders of the young, successful, contemporary classical music festival Fast Forward Austin. They are also all very talented composers in their ...

Unofficial SXSW

Soundspace & The Sound Bridge Project provide an alt-classical alternative to the SXSW showcase

By Joelle Zigman

It’s funny how sometimes things come around full circle. A few decades ago the classical music concert hall was a bastion of snobs. Not intentionally, but due to a ...

Women in Art

Women & Their Work spotlights Wendy Wagner's "Qwerky," lighthearted world

By Joelle Zigman

It’s a super crowded art opening at the Austin gallery, Women & Their Work. The place is hot, packed and at the centerpoint of it all is a triptych called ...

Classically Speaking

Eighth Blackbird brings atonal nirvana to Texas Performing Arts with residency

By Joelle Zigman

On Monday, February 4, the walls of McCullough Theatre are going to be shattered by sprechstimme. Coming off of the success of its second Grammy award for 2012's Steve ...

Holiday Happenings

Grab your boombox for Unsilent Night, a new take on traditional Christmas caroling

By Joelle Zigman

If you're partying it up in the "cold" December winter weather this Friday night, you might hear the distant sounds of shimmering bells and voices chanting. No, you're ...

Listen Live

Not-so classically speaking: New Music Ensemble highlights the work of contemporary composers

By Joelle Zigman

New music, also known as contemporary classical music, is music composed about anywhere within the past 100 years. A new music composer generally is distinguished by the fact that he ...

high art

Slow, rich Italian flair at Austin Lyric Opera's Pagliacci

By Joelle Zigman

Opera is like molasses. It is painfully slow. Action takes forever to unfold. And because opera takes forever, things have to be exaggerated! Way more than in any other theatrical ...

legacy of sound

Conspirare: The five-time Grammy-nominated choir of Austin

By Joelle Zigman

A Saturday night at St. Martin’s Lutheran Church. The singers of Conspirare walk out to stand surrounding the packed church pews of the audience. The women are wearing coordinated ...

in the arts

Soundspace brings experiential music mash-up to the Blanton Museum

By Joelle Zigman

If you haven't experienced simultaneous music before, particularly in a museum, it's a crazy trip. Soundspace: Space and Symmetry, this Sunday, Oct. 21 at 2 p.m. at ...

On Stage

Double the Strings: Miro Quartet and Shanghai Quartet come together for world premiere of Museon Polemos

By Joelle Zigman

What is even better than a string quartet? Two world renowned string quartets featured on the same stage in one exciting evening. This weekend Texas Performing Arts is making it ...

Classically Speaking

I heart Austin BassFest, and you should too

By Joelle Zigman

If I ever needed to hide a body, I would probably use the case of an upright bass. And in case you're in need of one, Austin will be ...

Classically Speaking

Bion Tsang celebrates 10 years of cello mastery at UT faculty recital

By Joelle Zigman

I'm going to let you all in on one of the best kept secrets of music school students at universities worldwide. It's called the “faculty recital.” Faculty recitals ...

Butches on Broadway

Austin's Kings N Things do The Time Warp again for Drag Kings: The Musical 6

By Joelle Zigman

Shake weights, honey pots, fake cocaine, diamond-encrusted dildos, and glitter canons: just some of the props used in Friday night’s Drag Kings: The Musical 6 by Austin’s premier ...

Classically speaking

My intro to classical music in Austin: The Sound Bridge Project and La Follia Austin Baroque

By Joelle Zigman

Having just moved to town a week ago to study music composition at UT, I spent my first official weekend as a classical music enthusiast in Austin at two incredibly ...

All articles by this author.  17 Results. Showing 1 to 17
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