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Mark Killian


Mark Killian is an advertising copywriter who writes, a lot. He blogs. He Yelps. He TweetsHe Instagrams. He pins. And he even wrote a failed TV pilot. Read what he has to say about your favorite Texas city.

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Brandon Mike builds a bike, and other functionally beautiful things

By Mark Killian

What do you get when you breed Tim the Tool Man Taylor and Georgia O’Keeffe? The answer is an ambitious Austin-based artist named Brandon Mike. To clarify, Brandon doesn ...

give thanks

Top 10 things we're thankful (and not-so-thankful) for in Austin this year

By Mark Killian

Whether your ship just landed or you’re a native Austinite, there are plenty of reasons to be thankful you live in Austin. In honor of holiday tradition, let’s ...


MegaBus or bust: What it's like to travel through Texas like the English

By Mark Killian

With the exception of James Bond, the Beatles and Mr. Bean, no British import has been embraced by we rebellious American’s quite like the double-decker bus. But what started ...

Design Notes

Misprint Magazine's Bryan Keplesky: Eastside dweller, Lone Star drinker, freelance designer

By Mark Killian

After eight years of scoffing from 9-to-5 on an ad agency’s dime, award-winning designer, writer and magazine editor, Bryan Keplesky has decided to sacrifice his salary and company health ...

fighting back

Dam That Cancer combines fundraising and paddleboarding for a good cause

By Mark Killian

“You have cancer.” Those are the three most demoralizing words in the English language.  Whether the case is treatable or fatal, everything changes once the doctor delivers that devastating news ...

get up!

Is your chair trying to kill you? Fighting back is as easy as standing up

By Mark Killian

Ernest Hemingway did it, the guards at Buckingham Palace do it and the Statue of Liberty was made for it. I’m talking, of course, about standing. If I weren ...

paleo fitness

So healthy, a caveman used to do it: Is the future of fitness from the Stone Age?

By Mark Killian

Since before Ivan Drago “crushed” Apollo Creed in Rocky IV, man has looked to science for physiological perfection. Supplements have become an acceptable source of sustenance, shoes are being made ...


What Would Jiro Do? Gaining valuable life lessons from dead fish and the world's greatest sushi chef

By Mark Killian

If there’s one thing you will learn from a screening of Jiro Dreams of Sushi, it’s that Jiro Ono LOVES sushi. Not because it earned him the Guinness ...

weekend itinerary

Breakfast and a flick: The unsung hero of cinema combos

By Mark Killian

What’s so great about evening movies? The lines are longer, the tickets are pricier and the tweens are friskier. Your highly anticipated rom-com shouldn’t be ruined by lengthy ...

Don't bring me down

Battle of the buzz kills: Which is this year's worst SXSW nuisance?

By Mark Killian

Anyone who’s ever jump started a car knows that the positive and negative go hand in hand, so it should come as no surprise that SXSW isn’t all ...

cocktail culture

Sloshed by Southwest: A menu of Austin's most potent cocktails

By Mark Killian

What do SXSW attendees do when they’re not geeking out about the latest geolocation app, lining Congress for a Paramount premiere or checking the Twittersphere for Springsteen speculations? They ...

All articles by this author.  11 Results. Showing 1 to 11
Page 1 of 1
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