Austin Photo: Author Mikela Floyd2
Mikela Floyd Kinnison

Mikela is a nomad by nature. In fact, she’s lived in five places in the same number of years. Some of them twice. She’s a pop culture obsessive, who dreamed of having the fashion sense of Clarissa Darling, the hair of Rachel Greene, and the career path of Rory Gilmore. She calls Liz Lemon her "spirit animal," has seen every episode of Seinfeld and can notoriously insert a Wayne's World quote into nearly every sentence. 

In addition to her contributions to CultureMap, Mikela is a digital media strategist and writer for Whole Foods Market. You may also know her from her work on the Myspace TV, Celebrity, and Movie hubs. What’s that? Not familiar? It’s probably because you don’t scour the Internet for 24/7 Justin Bieber news. She also contributes occasionally to Austin Monthly, Film School Rejects, Reel Vixen, and a few other random outlets that you probably shouldn’t read.