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Samantha Webster is a transplant from the New York Time's cutest city of the year: Portland, Oregon. In her free time she enjoys working, providing pro-bono therapy and being mistaken for a high school student. She is pictured wearing her favorite watch.


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Austin New Year's Eve

All the hot parties: Best Austin bars for New Year's Eve

By Samantha Webster

To help you sort through the ever-expanding possibilities for celebrating New Year's Eve in Austin, we've grouped our recommended events in what we hope are convenient categories. If ...

Surviving the In-Laws

Kiss or kill: 10 tips for surviving your in-laws during the holidays

By Samantha Webster

"I don't know what to say, except it's Christmas and we're all in misery." — Ellen Griswold, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation 1. Get a game plan. You ...

Handcrafted Holiday Gifts

Our holiday gift guide: 10 great Pinterest-inspired DIY holiday gifts

By Samantha Webster

If you’ve ever longed to create some of the crafty DIY masterpieces you’ve eyed on Pinterest or Etsy, look no further! Our gift-guide for the crafty.  

Freeze Fashion

What to wear when it's freezing: 10 fashionable ways to keep warm

By Samantha Webster

In case you’ve been living under a rock, a huge cold front is bearing down on Austin, turning our freakishly perfect December days of mid 70- to 80-degree weather ...

Fitness Facts

Shape up for summer: Corefit tells us how to get bikini-ready in 30 days

By Samantha Webster

'Tis the season to shed those winter scales and reveal your glorious bikini body on the lake. Even if you have a lovely figure, chances are you have a few ...

neo pop

The life and times of painter Greg Miller, Austin's very own Warhol

By Samantha Webster

Greg Miller is comfortably labeled as a "neo-pop" and a "post-pop" artist. I say comfortably because it may be the first time I've heard an artist — musical or otherwise ...

Food for thought

10 inspirational quotes for aspiring writers — from Kerouac to Orwell

By Samantha Webster

I went to the courthouse last week to get a temporary passport, since I had lost mine promptly before my trip to Mexico. After filling out my application form and ...

dress up

Femme fatale: Daring looks for New Year's Eve and where to find them in town

By Samantha Webster

Say it with me, “I will not wear a black dress on New Years Eve,” “I will not wear a black dress on New Years Eve”… Good, it’s out ...

Good to the core

Fight the holiday bulge with these tips from fitness expert Ryan Nail

By Samantha Webster

During the holiday season there is one thing that always seems to spoil our holiday cheer: the dreaded muffin top, the adorably named pesky bulge that sneaks in to ruin ...

now open

Behind the iron curtain, a peek at Austin's Russian House restaurant, bar and discotheque

By Samantha Webster

Stepping into this little dive on Fifth Street, I am greeted by a bizarre spectacle: A taxidermied grizzly bear, a strikingly beautiful woman and a giant flag of the (now ...

Design Star

Design mogul Esther Lavonne: Equal parts creator, performer, philanthropist

By Samantha Webster

I spot Esther LaVonne as she walks into The W. Standing a towering 5-foot-10-inches, she is clad in all black, raven hair pulled into a modern pomp with red lips ...

Formula fashion

What race? Reviewing Formula 1 fashion: Look at what she was wearing

By Samantha Webster

$50,000 bottle service, high hemlines, 24k gold-flaked champagne and leather boots & fur galore. No, I’m not profiling a cougar convention or a normal evening for Donald Trump, I ...

Formula 1 fashion

Top 10 Formula 1 fashion dos and don'ts: Ladies, start your shopping

By Samantha Webster

As I was getting ready for my first Formula 1 race in Valencia, Spain last summer, I got a text from the other lady on our trip: “What the hell ...

Formula 1 party time

Our picks for the top 10 Formula 1 parties you can attend (and a few others from the inside!)

By Samantha Webster

Formula 1 will turn Austin into a veritable non-stop party town next weekend. And for all the “F1 buzz” going around town, a lot of you truthfully are only excited ...

All articles by this author.  14 Results. Showing 1 to 14
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