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On the Road

A practical guide to the funky wonders of Texas Antiques Week

By Tarra Gaines

Having lived in Texas for half my life, I tend to think I’ve seen it all. Yet every once in a while I’m again surprised by whole segments ...

Globe Trotting

World's hottest travel destination: Embrace Iceland's wild, weird and wonderful culture

By Tarra Gaines

Years ago when composing a list of new lands to visit, I decided it would be most efficient to start with actual lands, places with land names. Having seen the ...

The CultureMap Interview

Father of the Skyspace, James Turrell, discusses how he sees the light — and UT football

By Tarra Gaines

Attempting to conduct an interview with the master of light, James Turrell, is a bit like trying to capture sunlight in your hand. No matter how focused the questions, the ...

Best Beach Reads

Grumpy Cat tops the list of 10 must-read summer books

By Tarra Gaines

In the past when people described Book Expo America to me, I imagined a cross between fashion week, an industry trade show and ComicCon. Experiencing the event in New York ...

Between the Covers

Texas author Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni explores family secrets in Oleander Girl

By Tarra Gaines

In Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni's new novel, Oleander Girl, a young Indian woman's engagement ceremony is shattered when the grandfather who raised her falls mortally ill. With this tragedy ...

Inprint Reading Series

Hurricane Katrina troubles and inspires National Book Award-winning author Jesmyn Ward

By Tarra Gaines

In 2005, author Jesmyn Ward was staying with her family in her hometown of DeLisle, Miss., when Hurricane Katrina stuck. The storm destroyed homes, devastated the community and silenced Ward ...

Season 3 is here

Return to Downton Abbey: Who's who — and what to expect — in PBS's most addictive show

By Tarra Gaines

With the New Year here, it’s time for PBS to open the doors of Downton Abbey once more. Public Broadcasting’s hit period drama is one of our two ...

Book gift guide

Sex, satire, fashion, food and literature: Nice and naughty books for everyone on your list

By Tarra Gaines

With only a few days left for holiday shopping, we at CultureMap would like to offer a happy medium between fighting the frenzy at NorthPark and just giving up and ...

The World's End

Your cheat sheet to the Mayan apocalypse: Doomsday survival tips, new insights & doubters

By Tarra Gaines

Obviously still feeling cocky after showing off its Gangnam Style moves, NASA has released a video to be viewed on Dec. 22 titled “Why the World Didn’t End Yesterday ...

A refreshing difference

Forever hot: New book explores why Ann Richards continues to fascinate and endure

By Tarra Gaines

Though Texas remains very much a Republican state, one Texas Democrat still holds a high approval rating throughout the country. With a documentary making the film festival rounds, the play ...

Inprint Reading Series

How Pulitzer Prize-winning author Junot Díaz plays with his readers — & ended up in Vogue

By Tarra Gaines

Pulitzer Prize-winning fiction writer Junot Díaz likes to play games with his readers. "Not games of manipulation," he assured CultureMap during a phone conversation in anticipation of his current ...

Spoiler alert

A bloody good, bad & WTF mess: Mopping up True Blood's explosive finale

By Tarra Gaines

As season five of HBO’s gothic southern soap opera, True Blood, drew to a close Sunday night, I was reminded of the old adage about storytelling: Content must dictate ...

Where are all the bodies buried?

Bring out your dead: True Blood unearths vamps, werewolves & intrigue in season 5 opener

By Tarra Gaines

Supernatural television shows are almost always populated with lots of dead characters. But usually those dead people slink around as sexy, shirtless ghosts and vampires or at least lurch around ...

Bracket racket

Epic battle bracket: Breaking down the Game of Thrones finale

By Tarra Gaines

Game of Thrones' cast may be the largest on television, but most of the second season was filled with characters wandering aimlessly or shut in rooms for intense one-on-one yammering ...

Book Buzz

What are you reading? Why Carrie Fisher loves Henry Miller

By Tarra Gaines

Editor's Note: In this new continuing feature, we will ask notable authors what they're reading now. First up: Carrie Fisher, who is slated to visit Austin this fall ...

Happy Father's Day

Friday Night Lights author Buzz Bissinger takes a road trip with his extraordinary son in new release Father's Day

By Tarra Gaines

Zach Bissinger is a remarkable man with a remarkable story. At 24, Zach works in a grocery bagging groceries and at a law firm, stocking supplies. He has been classified ...

Book Talk

Flagrant Conduct author Dale Carpenter talks about the landmark Texas case that decriminalized being gay

By Tarra Gaines

Last week, when Vice President Biden and then President Obama voiced their support for same-sex marriage, it set off a slew of media analysis about the nation’s rapidly changing ...

Coming Home

Tigers, elephants and aliens at BookPeople: The strange, magical love stories of author Rajesh Parameswaran

By Tarra Gaines

A tiger in love with his zoo keeper, a newlywed executioner whose wife despises him, an elephant writing her memoir, and a sentient insect creature in the Andromeda Galaxy trying ...

Valued teachers

Dennis Quaid and friends honor the Texas man who mentored all of their acting careers

By Tarra Gaines

Four Texas movie and television stars, Dennis Quaid, Brett Cullen, Cindy Pickett and Robert Wuhl proved once and for all that a great teacher can have a life-lasting, profound influence ...

Who's army is that?

Game of Thrones second season: Diving in headfirst

By Tarra Gaines

Sunday night, after a nine month hiatus, HBO premiered the second season of its hit fantasy series Game of Thrones, and I don’t know about other viewers, but I ...

All articles by this author.  26 Results. Showing 1 to 20
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