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Tyler Rudick, Column Mug, June 2012

Tyler Rudick

Tyler Rudick is a Houston writer who specializes in art, architecture and urban life. He joined the CultureMap team in 2011 as a staff writer.

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Stadium Deaths

Tragic death at Baylor's new $250 million football stadium leaves unanswered questions

By Tyler Rudick

One man is dead following a tragic construction accident on a pedestrian bridge leading to Baylor University's sparkling new $250 million football stadium, which is scheduled to open later ...

Texax guns made easy

Carrying a concealed handgun in Texas just got much easier

By Tyler Rudick

Gun-friendly Texas is getting even friendlier in 2014 with new revisions to the state's concealed handgun application process — including a reduction of mandatory training hours and an elimination of ...

Big, Booming Texas

The Big Boom: Texas No. 1 in population growth

By Tyler Rudick

Texas gained more residents than any other state in 2013, according to estimates released by the U.S. Census Bureau on Monday. The Lone Star State, which has ranked first ...

Giving Texas Innovators

Texas billionaire couple creates revolutionary social media charity force

By Tyler Rudick

In an innovative new take on holiday giving, Texas billionaire philanthropists John and Laura Arnold are reaching out to donors great and small to explore the couple's Giving Library ...

Breadstick Abomination

Dumped by owners: Red Lobster and Olive Garden restaurants can't compete in a foodie world

By Tyler Rudick

Amid a shifting tide of casual dining trends, Darden restaurant group will throw Red Lobster overboard and greatly scale back its two other flagship brands. In a statement to shareholders ...

Crazy Puppy Fight

Bizarre puppy dispute ends with one roommate tied up naked in a ditch and the other in jail

By Tyler Rudick

An argument about a puppy sparked a bizarre and violent confrontation near Galveston that left one man naked and tied-up alongside a country road. David Franey woke up in a ...

Aggie Tragedy

Mystery builds around falling death at Texas A&M stadium: Federal agency gets involved

By Tyler Rudick

The investigation continues at Texas A&M University's Kyle Field in the wake of a 25-year-old construction worker falling to his death Tuesday morning. Though details are hazy, Angel ...

Billionaires Give Big

Dells and fellow Texas billionaires show well on Forbes list of 50 most generous Americans

By Claire St. Amant, Tyler Rudick

A slew of Texas business leaders and philanthropists — including Austin's Michael and Susan Dell — made it on to Forbes' newly released list of America's 50 Top Givers, further ...

International Attention

Who's laughing now? Anti-gay Texas Republican who pretended to be black to win election gets lampooned

By Tyler Rudick

After winning a close election in a predominately African-American district, Houston Republican David Wilson is making national headlines as details emerge about the efforts he undertook to convince voters he ...

Fly Smart

United Airlines computer glitch results in more free flights: Carrier accuses travelers of manipulation

By Tyler Rudick

Yet another glitch on the United Airlines website gave travelers shockingly-low ticket fares on Monday. But unlike the infamous September errors that offered $5 to $10 round-trip flights, company execs ...

The Unexplained

Sheep mutilations baffle the police, defy logic: A satanic cult or aliens?

By Tyler Rudick

A rash of bizarre animal mutilations has Victoria, Texas law enforcement baffled . . . and paranormal experts ready with possible answers. Karen and Wayne Daggs once enjoyed a thriving herd of 21 ...

Tom Delay 'Ecstatic'

An 'ecstatic' Tom DeLay waltzes away with overturned conviction, no jail time

By Tyler Rudick

The Third Court of Appeals in Austin overturned the conviction of one-time U.S. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, who was found guilty for his involvement in a financial scheme ...

TV News Death

Charismatic former Texas TV news anchor and Friday Night Lights bit player dies

By Tyler Rudick

Veteran broadcaster and former KHOU news anchor John Hambrick died in Round Rock after a year-long battle with lung cancer. He was 73. A Conroe native, Hambrick launched his long ...

Unlikely A-List Appearance

Johnny Depp makes waves in small Texas town on Gulf Coast fishing trip

By Tyler Rudick

The Texas hamlet of Rockport is all abuzz after some strange twist of fate brought Johnny Depp to the small Gulf Coast town for an apparent fishing expedition. KIII Channel ...

Field of Green

$10 million marijuana crop discovered near Conroe

By Tyler Rudick

Federal, state and local officials are scrambling to find a band of sophisticated pot farmers after discovering fields of nearly 20,000 marijuana plants southwest of Conroe. Authorities estimate the ...

Killer Summer

Aggressive killer bee swarms plague Texas, leaving one dead and many others injured

By Tyler Rudick

While the global decline in bees continues to puzzle scientists, the Lone Star State appears to be undergoing a boom in its population of so-called "killer bees" — those aggressive honey ...

Hometown Glory

Austin named the country's most aspirational city, a hub of cultural opportunity

By Tyler Rudick

The Lone Star State racked up some love from the Daily Beast in a survey of so-called aspirational cities — urban hubs the website defines as "magnets" of economic and cultural ...

horrific scene

Police discover group of captives in Houston "prison room"

By Tyler Rudick

A Friday morning tip led police to a disturbing scene in north Houston, where a group of people have been held against their will in what authorities are calling a ...

Redneck Heaven

Texas town draws line on Redneck Heaven's topless event

By Tyler Rudick

Lewisville residents will never look at the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles the same way. The small community just north of Dallas was forced to amend its decency laws on Monday ...

Controversial Decision

Rick Perry despises Machete? Anti-immigration nuts prompted pulling of movie tax credits, lawsuit alleges

By Tyler Rudick

A lawsuit filed in Austin claims that Rick Perry played a starring role in the denial of promised tax incentives to the makers of Machete — ​Robert Rodriguez's 2010 movie ...

All articles by this author.  106 Results. Showing 1 to 20
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