14/48 Austin - The World's Quickest Theatre Festival

14/48 Austin The Worlds Quickest Theatre Festival
From the short play "Game On" Photo by Steve Rogers

At 14/48 Austin - The World's Quickest Theatre Festival, seven world-premiere plays are written, cast, directed, rehearsed, scored, designed, and performed (twice!) in 24 hours. Then the whole thing is done all over again the next night with seven totally new scripts. The company brings together artists from all parts of the Austin performance world to take crazy, creative, and delightful risks.

Participants have the opportunity to complete the sentence: “I want to see seven ten-minute plays about _____.” One answer per night is chosen at random, and the writers spend the night crafting a play based on that theme. In the morning, directors choose scripts and casts at random. The band writes original music based on the theme, and designers build sets and find costumes.

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10.17.15 | 10:00 pm
10.17.15 | 7:30 pm
10.16.15 | 10:00 pm
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10.16.15 | 7:30 pm


The Vortex
2307 Manor Rd.
Austin, TX 78722


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