35mm Cinema: The Thing w/ Wilford Brimley

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Yep, the legendary grandmaster of grandfatherly gruffness will be at the Alamo LIVE IN PERSON to present an unforgettable screening of the ultimate '80s scifi/horror apocalypse: John Carpenter's untouchable monsterpiece THE THING.

While Kurt Russell may have nabbed top billing, there's absolutely no denying that Brimley's performance here is the film's most forceful and unhinged, as a commanding military man driven to lunacy by forces beyond his comprehension. Watch him beat men half to death and sink a giant axe into everything in sight! Then, hear him talk LIVE about filming one of the greatest movies of all time in sub-human, sub-zero temperatures! Beyond that, we'll be screening Universal's finest archival 35mm print from their secret vaults. This is exactly the type of movie event that makes life worth living, and if you pass it up, Wilford Brimley will probably be compelled to drag you out to a frozen wasteland and incinerate you with a flamethrower. Just try him.

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10.22.12 | 7:00 pm


320 E. 6th St.
Austin, TX 78701


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Tickets: $17.00