The 6th Annual Comedy Seance

The 6th Annual Comedy Seance
Photo Courtesy of The 6th Annual Comedy Seance

On the night before Halloween, Satan rises from his unholy throne to party with the living. He brings along his favorite dead celebrities to inhabit the bodies of Austin's finest comics. These funny-people-turned-meat-puppets will dance, dazzle, joke, and delight the lucky audience members who get to attend this once a year spectacle.

Come early to get a tarot reading or fortune telling from a certified medium. Stay late to get your picture taken with Satan in the An Indoor Lady photo booth, and to rock out with the all female Misfits cover band, The Missyfits. Plus amazing performances from Mike MacRae​, Matt Bearden​, Rob Gagnon​, Ariel Greenspoon​, Roxy Castillo​, Daniel Rugg Webb​, Danny Palumbo, Lisa Friedrich​, and Aaron Brooks​. Of course, the whole evening is hosted by the giggling ghoul, Satan himself. 

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10.30.15 | 9:00 pm


Spiderhouse Ballroom
2906 Fruth St.
Austin, TX 78705


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