Action Pack: Newsies Sing-Along

paperboys from Newsies
Newsies. Photo courtesy of the Alamo Drafthouse

Before he was fighting crime, ninjas, and clowns, Christian Bale duked it out with the man by going on strike with Bill Pullman and his other early 20th century paperboys. And instead of solving his battles with fists, he used his feet. No, not by kicking people but by dancing and singing. 

And a special note for this show is that, unlike previous Action Pack sing-alongs, no subtitles will be projected on screen, but everyone will be handed lyric sheets to jog your memory.

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12.28.13 | 7:00 pm
12.27.13 | 7:00 pm


Alamo Drafthouse - Ritz
320 E. 6th St.
Austin, TX 78701


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