Action Pack: Raiders of the Lost Ark Quote-Along

Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark
Photo courtesy of the Alamo Drafthouse

The Alamo Drafthouse will be paying tribute to the classic Spielberg adventure flick in January, but the Action Pack will pay tribute in its own way.

Raiders of the Lost Ark 

may be the best white-knuckle thrill ride of all time, but it also has some of the best quotes of any action movie. Show out the best quotes, subtitled so that you get them right, and enjoy a few special props to make you feel as if you're busting Nazi chops right alongside Dr. Jones.

Event Details


1.7.14 | 7:00 pm


Alamo Drafthouse - Lakeline
14028 N. US Hwy. 183 Building F
Austin, TX 78717