Action Pack presents: Old School Quote-Along

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Remember back in the day, when you lived in that ridiculous frat house and spent all of your nights chugging beer and partying with Snoop Dog?

Well, even if you actually never did that, the OLD SCHOOL QUOTE-ALONG is the perfect way to relive your college glory days. Prepare to be initiated into the fraternity of Mitch Martin, a.k.a. the Godfather (Luke Wilson), Beanie "Speaker City" Campbell (Vince Vaughn) and Frank the Tank (Will Ferrell) as they embark on a spree of debauchery and ridiculous hijinks. Streaking is optional, but quoting along is required, and we've subtitled all of your favorite lines (even the ones that require earmuffs.)

We'll give out carrots for BJ practice, and there will even be a keg in the theater, because once beer hits your lips, it's so good. There might not be any live K-Y Jelly wrestling, but we can still guarantee that this Quote-Along will be crazier than that time you got hit in the neck by a horse tranquilizer gun.

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11.7.12 | 7:00 pm


2700 W. Anderson Ln.
Austin, TX 78757


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