AFS Presents: A Rubberband is an Unlikely Instrument

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In a dramatic, low-fi tale that stretches the form of non-fiction to unheard of new boundaries, an eccentric Brooklyn couple with a young son flounder through a life on the margins. Walter Baker is a multi-instrumentalist, a sound recordist, guitar collector and a self-involved soul-searcher. Deeply in debt and living in a tiny apartment in east Brooklyn, the family struggles with decisions both practical and existential, when Walter steers them on a visit to his rural childhood home in Texas to rekindle his relationship with his aging parents. Capturing what seems like scripted, narrative cinema, filmmaker Matt Boyd watches the threads of a relationship unravel, and uncovers a too-true portrait of artists stuck at the bottom.

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9.25.13 | 7:30 pm


Austin Film Society Screening Room
1901 E. 51st St.
Austin, TX 78723

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Tickets: $5-$8