AFS Presents: Melvin and Howard

still from the movie Melvin and Howard
Melvin and Howard. Photo courtesy of Austin Film Society

Hard-working loser Melvin Dummar (played by the underrated Paul Le Mat) helps a disheveled old man (Jason Robards) he finds in the Nevada desert one night. After giving him a jolly ride back into the city, he is surprised at the end to find that he is the billionaire Howard Hughes. Years later, Hughes dies and names Dummar in his will. Full of loving satire and memorable characterizations, another cast member, Mary Steenburgen, would go on to win a well-deserved Oscar.

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3.19.14 | 7:30 pm


AFS Cinema
6406 N. I-35 Suite 3100
Austin, TX 78752

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Tickets: $5-$10