Alamo Kids Camp: Kung Fu Panda

Po the panda from Kung Fu Panda
Kung Fu Panda. Photo courtesy of the Alamo Drafthouse

Treat the kids to a day at the movies with Kung Fu Panda, a gorgeous and hilarious spoof of classic kung fu flicks that follows the journey of Po the panda he tries to live up to his destiny of becoming the Dragon Warrior.

Alamo Kids Camp screenings are free to attend, with tickets available at the box office on first come, first served basis. 

Event Details


7.17.14 | 10:00 am
7.16.14 | 10:00 am
7.15.14 | 10:00 am
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7.14.14 | 10:00 am
7.13.14 | 10:00 am
7.12.14 | 10:00 am
7.11.14 | 10:00 am


2700 W. Anderson Ln.
Austin, TX 78757


Box Office Hours

Mon - Sun: 10am - 11am

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Admission is free