Art Outside Festival

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Art Outside is a unique three day festival combining visual and interactive art, performance, film, as well as a wide range of music bridging genres, from bluegrass to experimental, hip-hop to dance music.

Art Outside started with the idea to bring art out of the galleries and into a unique setting where different forms of art can connect and be enjoyed by all.

Every year gets bigger and brighter and crazier and more transcendent. Don't miss out on this chance to drop out for a necessary weekend of exploration and transcendence.

Event Details


10.21.12 | 11:00 am
10.20.12 | 11:00 am
10.19.12 | 9:00 am


9112 N. FM 908
Rockdale, TX 76567

Ticket Info

Tickets: $50/night or $80/3-days