Art.Science.Gallery. presents Meteora opening reception

Art.Science.Gallery. presents Meteora opening reception
Mediditations on Climate series by Kim Dembrosky Photo by Kim Dembrosky

Meteora is an exhibit of contemporary art inspired by weather patterns. The exhibition features new work by artists Kim Dembrosky, Elizabeth McClellan, and Mark Nystrom.

Meteora or Meteorologica is the title of a scholarly text by Aristotle derived from the phrase ta meteōra, which was commonly used to refer to the natural phenomena that take place in the sky. Like Aristotle, the artists in this exhibition also explore the phenomena of the skies. Using a variety of media, they visualize weather patterns including daily winds and storm events, as well as long-term temperature and precipitation data. The works exhibited in Meteora can serve as permanent records of on-location weather conditions.

Following the opening reception, the exhibition runs until April 30.

Event Details


3.26.16 | 7:00 pm


916 Springdale Rd. Building 2, #102
Austin, TX 78702


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Admission is free.