Asian American Resource Center presents Fly Girl: A Staged Reading of a New Screenplay

Fly Girl: A Staged Reading of a New Screenplay
Photo courtesy of Asian American Resource Center

Color Arc Productions and the AARC will present a staged reading of Fly Girl, a story about a single mom who gets cast as a hip-hop dancer. When protagonist Linh Hoang Williams - a 42-year-old, size 12 (or size 14 depending on that week’s carb intake), Vietnamese American, recently-divorced, single mom - attends a Twerkshop (yes, a workshop for twerking), she impresses the dance instructor and gets cast as a hip-hop dancing Fly Girl. But when she discovers she's the chubbiest, oldest, and only Gen-Xer in a dance troupe of movthin Millennials, Linh must overcome her inner demons to prove she belongs.

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11.9.19 | 7:30 pm


Asian American Resource Center
8401 Cameron Rd.
Austin, TX 78754


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Admission is free.