Austin Angels presents Jewelry Trunk Show with Momma Jesca

Austin Angels presents Jewelry Trunk Show with Moma Jesca
Photo Courtesy of Austin Angels

In order to support Austin’s active duty military families, foster families, and homeless population, Austin Angels, a local non-profit charity, will be holding a jewelry trunk show. The jewelry, which sustains Austin Angels, is 90% hand made in Austin by local artisan Dawn Patterson with funky fish design, and the other 10% is made by 19 women in Uganda.

Uganda craftsperson Momma Jesca will be in Austin for the event and will teach attendees how to make a beautiful African paper beads

By purchasing Austin Angels’ jewelry, people are not only helping Austin’s local foster care community, military families and homeless population, but they are also helping end extreme poverty for 19 families in Uganda. 

Event Details


10.5.15 | 6:00 pm


Sitric House & Home
3401 W. Slaughter Ln.
Austin, Texas 78748


Ticket Info

Admission is free.