Austin Film Society presents Essential Cinema: Tonal Shift - The Films of Bong Joon-Ho

The Host
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Bong Joon-Ho’s emergence as a major voice in international cinema has coincided with the emergence of his homeland South Korea as a cultural force. Austin Film Society will present the films of a contemporary master who is still rising in prominence and proficiency with each new film.


  • January 4: Barking Dogs Never Bite - Bong Joon-Ho’s audacious first film is a deeply dark comedy about an unemployed academic, living in an apartment building inhabited by kooks, who resolves to take action about his neighbor’s incessantly barking dog.
  • January 11, 13, and 14: Memories of Murder - A true modern masterpiece and one of the most visionary updates of the crime genre. Bong Joon-Ho reimagined the policier with his darkly comic take on a true unsolved Korean murder mystery.
  • January 18 and 20: The Host - Bong Joon-Ho’s great 2006 thrills and chills monster movie–in which a beast terrorizes the streets of Seoul–fulfilled the promise of revitalizing a genre that Hollywood had all but ruined. Must be seen on the big screen.
  • January 25 and 27: Mother - No filmmaker working can shift tone at quite the same breakneck rate of speed as Bong Joon-Ho. Here, a fiercely protective mother (the unforgettable Kim Hye-Ja) shields her simple-minded son from murder allegations.

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