Austin Sustainable Swap for MicroFarmers, Crafters, and Generally Skilled Folk

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The Austin Sustainable Swap is a place for folks to come together and swap home-grown produce, home-made crafts, stuff, and skills. A place for folks to share free workshops/classes with the community. A place for non-profits/volunteer groups to educate us about how they support the community, and how we can support them.

This event builds community; it supports education by providing a space for free classes; it supports non-profits; it supports local artists and artisans by giving them a place to showcase their talents; it encourages folks to grow food at home (focus on one of two crops, bring your excess and trade out for other produce, reducing household food costs); it's a barter/swap economy that has room for swapping dollars, and is completely free to participate in, on all levels.

Event Details


11.17.12 | 10:00 am


2401 East 6th Street
Austin, TX 78702


Ticket Info

Free to the general public