Austin Terror Fest

Austin Terror Fest
Photo courtesy of Austin Terror Fest

Austin Terror Fest is an annual celebration of underground and independent heavy metal music and rock culture.

Performers will include Lightning Bolt, Tr/St, Alcest, Pig Destroyer, Integrity, Panopticon, Bongripper, Goatwhore, Indian, Church Of Misery, Bongzilla, Thou, Full Of Hell, Primitive Man, Dark Castle, Daikaiju, Dalek, Black Cobra, Street Sects, Unearthly Trance, Dorthia Cottrell, Machine Girl, Pyrrhon, Genocide Pact, Dreadnought, Crowhurst, Echo Beds, Temple Of Angels, Mountain Of Smoke, Terminator 2, Deep Cross, and Taverner.

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6.7.19 | 5:00 pm
6.8.19 | 5:00 pm
6.9.19 | 5:00 pm


Empire Control Room & Garage
606 E. 7th St.
Austin, TX 78701

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