The Baron's Men presents The Lark

The Baron's Men presents The Lark - Witness the Trial of Joan of Arc
Photo courtesy of The Baron's Men

With The Lark, Jean Anouilh gives us a theatrical tour de force: a beautifully written history with a tragic tale at its center that is, nonetheless, infused with wry comedy. The trial of Joan of Arc was one of the best-documented events of its time, with detailed court transcripts surviving to modern day; Anouilh draws many of his scenes out of those very pages.

In keeping with The Baron's Men's artistic mission, the production will be staged in period costumes with live medieval music at the Curtain Theater. Judge for yourself if the Maid of France was a heretic, a sorceress, a political pawn, or a divinely inspired leader.

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5.28.16 | 8:00 pm
5.27.16 | 8:00 pm
5.26.16 | 8:00 pm
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5.21.16 | 8:00 pm
5.20.16 | 8:00 pm
5.19.16 | 8:00 pm
5.14.16 | 8:00 pm
5.13.16 | 8:00 pm
5.7.16 | 8:00 pm
5.6.16 | 8:00 pm


The Curtain Theatre
7400 Coldwater Canyon Dr.
Austin, TX 78730


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