Cap City Comedy Presents: Joe DeRosa

Comedian Joe DeRosa
Comedian Joe DeRosa. Joe DeRosa/Facebook

Joe DeRosa is an East Coast comic who seems like he's just on the verge of a breakout year. He's a regular on The Opie & Anthony Show and has appeared on the comedy series Louie and Bored to Death. DeRosa's third comedy album, You Will Die, is set for release on September 2013, so expect to hear some good and fresh stuff in his return to Austin, although hopefully he continues to tell his masterpiece story of getting a family dinner at KFC for himself.

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8.31.13 | 8:00 pm
8.30.13 | 8:00 pm
8.29.13 | 8:00 pm
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8.28.13 | 8:00 pm


8120 Research Blvd. #100
Austin, TX 78758


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Tickets: $9-$59.95