Cap City presents: Matt Sadler

Austin photo: Event_Matt Sadler_Head shot

Matt Sadler is clearly another comedian who will extend the Austin tradition of local boys (& girls) making very good. Matt has lived in Austin for more than a dozen years (given the steady influx of artistic types who move here, this practically makes him a native), and took his first steps into professional joke-telling right here in Austin. After a number of years of very hard work--honing the performance, steadily writing new material, hitting the road to further develop his craft--he's now a seasoned pro, with a slew of credits and accomplishments to do Austin proud.

Come out this week and support one of our own.

Event Details


11.8.12 | 8:00 pm
11.7.12 | 8:00 pm


8120 Research Blvd. #100
Austin, TX 78758


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Tickets: $9.00