The Encyclopedia Show: Extreme Sports

Austin Photo Set: Events_Encyclopedia_NorthDoor_Jan2013

It's a new year, and The Institute of Human Knowledge and Hygiene is coming at you with the LOUDEST, FASTEST, MOST CAPITAL LETTER-IEST Encyclopedia Show EVER! This month, the Encyclopedia Show presents: XXTREME SPORTS. With presentations from the Tyler Stoddard Smith, Andy Buck, Nicole Lucas, Joseph Faina, Phil West and the Bryan Roberts. Plus: The regular cast of daredevils from the Institute, an all-new Fact Checker and your hosts Mike and Ralphie. 

The Encyclopedia Show is a multi-genre presentation of creative performances on a central theme taken from an actual encyclopedia. Quirk is welcome, as are fashionable falsehoods.

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1.10.13 | 7:30 pm


502 Brushy St.
Austin, TX 78702

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