Flashback: A Retro Dance Party benefiting Austin Children's Services

Flashback Retro Dance Party_Austin Children's Services_2015
Courtesy of Austin Children's Services

Austin Children's Services' annual over-the-top eighties and nineties dance party is for anyone who loves the music, fashion and fads inspired by these totally awesome decades. The evening will be hosted by Jason and Deb from 101X and will include a costume contest, a hit dance music, a silent auction and more.

Last year the party raised a net total of $84,600 for ACS programs and this year they hope to raise even more.

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2.21.15 | 8:00 pm


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Amanda Flores, Katie Lewis, Runi Duvall, Ashley Carrera, Marge Bailey, Saurabh Garg, Christy Lane, Megan Vricella, Stephen Daniele, Erin Beatty Morgan McCullough, Terri Saraceno, Jenna May, Rachel Fausett, Victoria Cain


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