Gale Theatre Company Presents: Florence

poster for Gale Theatre Company production Florence
Photo courtesy of Rachel Lowery

From the newly formed Gale Theatre Company, in collaboration with the City of Austin and Bottle Alley Theatre Company, comes Florence. Directed by Katherine Wilkinson, choreographed by Celina Chapin, and created by the Gale Ensemble, Florence tells the story of Florence Lawrence, America’s “First Movie Star.” Through dance, video, and physical theater, Florence explores fame, old Hollywood, and what it truly means to be “remembered”. Expect to see actors literally swinging from the historic rafters.

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12.15.13 | 8:00 pm
12.14.13 | 8:00 pm
12.13.13 | 8:00 pm
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12.12.13 | 8:00 pm
12.8.13 | 8:00 pm
12.7.13 | 8:00 pm
12.6.13 | 8:00 pm


3701 Grooms St.
Austin, TX 78705

Ticket Info

Tickets: $10-$20