Geeks Who Drink - Los Geeks Hermanos: A Breaking Bad Quiz

Walter White as Bryan Cranston in Breaking Bad
Photo courtesy of AMC

Prepare for the ultimate face off since Casa Tranquila!

The end is nigh for Walter White and everyone else who was sucked into his blue meth empire, and since everyone won't shut up about the symbolism of the show and what colors everyone is wearing, Geeks Who Drink thought it would be appropriate to put that geeky knowledge to the test. Austin will be one of 16 cities to feature a Breaking Bad quiz for one night only covering all five seasons and 61 episodes right up to one of the most anticipated finales of television history. Teams are limited to a six play maximum with a $5 entry fee for each member.

Event Details


9.25.13 | 8:00 pm


Mister Tramps
8565 Research Blvd
Austin, TX

Ticket Info

Tickets: $5 for each team member