The Greatness!: Game Show of the Arts

Austin photo: news_ryan_the greatness interview_mar 2013_show host
Courtesy of Nick Paul Photography

Hosted by performance poet and Write Bloody publisher Derrick Brown, and curated by a team of local performers and arts organizers, will present a fast-paced monthly showcase of performers who will compete in their respective genres in the first half of the show, and in a game show following intermission.

Each month, three coaches (Michael Graupmann, Holly Lorka, and Phil West) will each bring up two artists (or occasionally, two pairs of artists) in a specific genre — such as literature, comedy, or theater — who will perform head to head, five minutes each, with the audience voting on which performance they like best.

The winners of those head-to-head competitions face off against one another, and against an audience member chosen to represent the audience (and coached by Brown), in a multi-round game show hosted by Your Terrific Neighbors cast member Curtis Luciani. The evening concludes with a medal ceremony honoring the winning performer and coach; the medal doubles as a beer opener.

Event Details


1.31.13 | 8:00 pm


The North Door
502 Brushy St.
Austin, TX 78702