Hallie Rae Ward: "Jump into Jubilation"

"Jump into Jubilation" by Hallie Rae Ward
Photo by Yoni Levin

As part of the East Austin Studio Tour, local artist Hallie Rae Ward will present her exhibition, "Jump Into Jubilation." The artwork of Ward embraces color, the repetition of patterns and simple forms, and vibrant positivity. Her design line, HRW Designs, features Positive Pop Apparel, Positive Glow Lighting, "That's What It's All About" Lifestyle Pillows, Positive Pattern Prints, and Greeting Cards. Guests can sip on beverages provided by Uncle Billy's.

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11.18.18 | 11:00 am
11.17.18 | 11:00 am
11.11.18 | 11:00 am
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11.10.18 | 11:00 am


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