The Heartland Theatre Collective presents Dust

The Heartland Theatre Collective presents Dust by Nicole Oglesby
Photo courtesy of Daniel Berkowitz

Dust by Nicole Oglesby is a full-length play about three sisters fighting to stay alive in the Texas panhandle during the dust bowl in the shadow of a dying farm and a miraculous apricot tree. With little money or hope, they choose to love dangerously and question the dark parts of their heritage and faith. What unfolds is a meditation on motherhood, heartache, and what it means to be a young woman in Texas.

Dust is the first production by The Heartland Theatre Collective, a new theatre company founded by Marian Kansas and Nicole Oglesby that produces feminist theatre that speaks to our Texas roots.

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10.15.16 | 8:30 pm
10.14.16 | 8:30 pm
10.13.16 | 8:30 pm
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10.12.16 | 8:30 pm
10.10.16 | 8:30 pm
10.9.16 | 8:30 pm
10.8.16 | 8:30 pm
10.7.16 | 8:30 pm
10.6.16 | 8:30 pm


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