ICOSA Collective Gallery presents "From Eden to Oblivion"

"From Eden to Oblivion" opening reception
Photo courtesy of ICOSA Collective Gallery

The emerging ICOSA collective showcases work from all 20 of their artist members as they consider the topics of Utopia and Dystopia. Co-curated by Jade Walker from the Austin Art Alliance and multimedia artist and ICOSA member Alyssa Taylor Wendt, this collection of work explores the themes in a wide range of interpretations and media including sculpture, drawing, photography, painting, printmaking and video.

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11.19.17 | 11:00 am
11.18.17 | 11:00 am
11.12.17 | 11:00 am
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11.11.17 | 11:00 am


916 Springdale Rd. Bldg 2, #10
Austin, TX 78702