La Condesa presents Sobremesa

Photo courtesy of La Condesa

La Condesa will present the inaugural Sobremesa, featuring Executive Chef Rick Lopez, Chef Aaron Bludorn, and Chef Drake Leonards. Each chef will contribute dishes exploring modern Mexican cuisine in their unique style, as well as collaborate with Chef Rick on a few special plates.

The menu is curated with La Condesa’s signature shared experience in mind, including features like Louisiana shrimp + chorizo with green chile grits and confit lamb with Oaxacan corn tortillas, all served alongside a few favorites from past La Condesa menus.

Catch the guest chefs playing host, touching tables and swapping stories for a true Sobremesa experience.

Event Details


9.17.19 | 5:00 pm


La Condesa
400 W. 2nd St.
Austin, TX 78701