La Fenice Austin presents Siege of the Dark Nebula

La Fenice Austin presents Siege of the Dark Nebula
Photo courtesy of La Fenice Austin

La Fenice Austin presents Siege of the Dark Nebula, a satirical visitation of the science fiction genre inspired by Flash Gordon and Star Wars. Austin audiences will have nine opportunities to experience La Fenice's unique blend of classical Italian street theater and modern pop culture references.

Phenomena of apocalyptic proportions are tearing the world apart, and only one couple can stop it: Second overall draft pick of the Cleveland Steamers, Chad Mercury, and his Astro-Physicist girlfriend Stacy Dogstar. In a homemade rocket ship built in Stacy's garage, they take off for the Dark Nebula, a mobile space station and galactic super weapon. Built for the Galactic Empress, Queen Ruffiana the Merciless, the Dark Nebula is the tool that will allow her to seize ultimate power from her rivals, lackeys, and sometimes lovers Pantalandroid and Capitano and rule the galaxy with a lamé fist. Can Chad and Stacy take out the Nebula before Earth's fate is sealed?

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5.14.16 | 10:30 pm
5.13.16 | 10:30 pm
5.11.16 | 8:00 pm
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5.7.16 | 10:30 pm
5.6.16 | 10:30 pm
5.4.16 | 8:00 pm
5.2.16 | 9:00 pm
4.30.16 | 10:30 pm
4.29.16 | 10:30 pm


The Butterfly Bar
2307 Manor Rd.
Austin, TX 78722


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Admission is free.