Link & Pin Gallery presents Erin Cannon: The Desert Painted opening day

Link & Pin Gallery presents The Desert Painted featuring Watercolors by Erin Cannon
Stack Prickly Pear Photo by Erin Cannon

Patterns and color....form and movement.....shadow and bright light.....there's just something about capturing all of these in one subject that fascinates Erin Cannon. Even after a watercolor piece is on the wall, Cannon is always surprised by the combination of those elements.  At times, the pattern and form dominates, and at others, the contrast between light and dark stands out above everything else.

Following the opening reception, the exhibit will be on display through April 24.

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4.2.16 | 11:00 am


Link & Pin Gallery
2235 E. 6th St. #102
Austin, TX 78702


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Admission is free.