Long Center for the Performing Arts presents Spirit of India

Bollywood Masala Orchestra
The Bollywood Masala Orchestra and Dancers of India

The Long Center presents Spirit of India: Bollywood Masala Orchestra & Dancers, a new step toward a bold vision in Indian live music and dance being presented to the world for the first time. Rahis Bharti, one of India’s greatest musical figures, and the Bollywood Masala Orchestra and Dancers will guide you on a lively musical journey from Rajasthan to Mumbai.

Bharti was captivated from an early age by both the rich traditions and modern interpretations of his country’s signature sound and vision. Over his career Bharti has traveled the world performing and has made each prestigious festival, concert hall or theater into an extravagant and courtly stage of his own imagining. With 17 professional artists on stage, you will experience the soul of a veritable feast of Indian sounds, featuring a mix of Indian and Western instruments such as bass drums, side drums, trombone, tabla, dholak, harmonium, and clarinet, among many others.

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10.21.15 | 7:30 pm


The Long Center for the Performing Arts
701 W. Riverside Dr.
Austin, TX 78704