The Mom Gallery presents Gracelee Lawrence: Cantaloupe

The Mom Gallery presents Cantaloupe<
"Can't Elope" Photo by Gracelee Lawrence

The Mom Gallery will present Cantaloupe by Gracelee Lawrence. Lawrence, a UT MFA candidate, gathers and reformulates fragments of histories, cultural references, social structures, and natural phenomena. Using fruit and fountains as metaphor, a reciprocal language referent to bodies is invoked: fruit trees and bodies are pruned, grafted, and sculpted. Both fountains and bodies spit and spew. Purple also appears often in Lawrence’s work at a crossroads between the highly gendered highways of pink and blue. The color purple, a physical combination of pink and blue, is used as an ideological middle ground and endeavor towards an omnigendered color. This logic is doomed at the start, deliberately futile. The omnigendered use of purple is not at all watertight but is instead riddled with holes, a gesture of wishful thinking.

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10.17.15 | 10:00 pm


The Mom Gallery
307 E. 38th St.
Austin, TX 78705


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Admission is free.