The Princess Bride Quote-Along

Austin photo: Event_Princess Bride_Poster

This thoroughly tongue-in-cheek, forever quotable, swashbuckling fairytale is by far one of our all time favorite movies. 

THE PRINCESS BRIDE gives us a dread pirate, insanity-inducing cliffs, fire swamps, a reluctant princess, a wily Sicilian, a six-fingered count, mawwiage, Rodents of Unusual Size, tiny Fred Savage, fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, giants, monsters, chases, escapes, miracles and--most importantly--TRUE LOVE.

We love this movie every bit as deeply as Wesley loves his Buttercup, and so when we discussed launching our very own Alamo Signature Wine collection, we immediately knew that we had to start by featuring none other than THE PRINCESS BRIDE.

The Alamo Drafthouse partnered with the good people at Helms Workshop to produce artwork for two varietals, and this February they are introducing the world to The Bottle of Wits, featuring an Inconceivable Cab and the As You Wish White.

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9.26.12 | 7:00 pm


2700 W. Anderson Ln.
Austin, TX 78757


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Tickets: $10.00