Rude Mechs presents Fixing Troilus & Cressida

Rude Mechs presents Fixing Troilus & Cressida
Photo by Bret Brookshire

Rude Mechs will present the world premiere of a brand new Fixing Shakespeare play. Troilus and Cressida is the love story hidden in the center of history’s greatest war. As the Greeks enter their seventh year of hammering against the Trojan’s wall, one young warrior, Troilus, is ready to risk it all and pledge his loyalty to a new love. The young woman, Cressida, is cautious, having been punished for her father’s treason and made a servant to the Trojan princes. The relationship is nurtured by the matchmaker, Pandarini, who advises, scolds, and pushes the lovers to trust one another. Around them war and chaos burn, Hector rages, Ulysses plots, Achilles stalls, Agemomnem tries to keep it all together, and Cassandra foresees death.

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3.22.18 | 8:00 pm
3.23.18 | 2:00 pm
3.24.18 | 2:00 pm
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3.24.18 | 8:00 pm
3.29.18 | 8:00 pm
3.30.18 | 8:00 pm
3.31.18 | 2:00 pm
3.31.18 | 8:00 pm


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