Scrumptious Chef Cajun Pop Up: Cajun Style

Austin Photo_Events_Scrumptious Chef_Poster

It's with a feeling of great responsibility that we task ourselves with cooking a Cajun feast for our latest Scrumptious Chef pop up event. It's gonna be heavy y'all. For the last few nights I've been poring over Ms. Land's book as it's considered one of the bibles of Cajun cuisine.

When the weekend hits, you will find us in the commissary blaring out some Nathan Abshire and stirring flour and butter in our old iron pots.


*Country Gumbo

*Blackened Pork Grillades on Pimiento Cheese Grits

*Meat Pies {Cajun chili in puff pastry}

*Handmade Pork Belly/Green Onion Boudin

*Dirty Rice

*Crabmeat fondue w/Easy Tiger Baguette

*Pumpkin Bread Pudding w/Creme Fraiche

Cher Bon Dieu, it's gonna be good y'all


Event Details


10.21.12 | 11:00 am


1209 Rosewood Ave
Austin, TX 78702