Shintoho Mindwarp: Ghost Cat of Otama Pond

Ghost Cat of Otama Pond from Shintoho Studios
Courtesy of Courtesy of Alamo Drafthouse

Born in 1949, Shintoho Studios was one of the primary purveyors of Japanese exploitation films, with subjects focusing on horror, noir and anything risqué. Few of the studios films have been screened in the U.S., but with the help of the Japan-America Society of Greater Austin the Alamo Drafthouse presents a full month of these genre film oddities and masterpieces. 

Ghost Cat of Otama Pond features a young couple caught up in a ghostly web of revenge, with a black cat acting as the conduit between the worlds of the living and the dead. The subject is similar to many of the era's horror films, but few can match the vibrant visuals of this film by Yoshihiro Ishikawa.

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