South West Sexual Health Alliance presents Dr. Chris Donaghue

Dr. Chris Donaghue
Photo courtesy of South West Sexual Health Alliance

Southwest Sexual Health Alliance will present Sex Outside the Lines: Liberating Sex from Culture, Psychology and Normativity, a lecture by international educator, celebrity sex therapist, and co-host of the new Loveline podcast, Dr. Chris Donaghue.

Dr. Chris will be discussing the following in his lecture:

  • Psychological, neuro, and sexual differences aren’t disorders
  • Challenging shaming narratives around non-normative sex and relationships
  • Sexual diagnoses as body shaming and policing of diversity
  • Deconstructing intercourse biased sex
  • Flaws of a heteronormative fantasy of marriage
  • Tyranny of monogamy
  • Gender, identity and orientation as traumas
  • Problems with medical & therapeutic models

Event Details


10.8.16 | 12:30 pm


Omni Austin Hotel at Southpark
4140 Governors Row
Austin, Texas 78744


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