Sue's Tech Kitchen

Sue's Tech Kitchen
Photo courtesy of Sue's Tech Kitchen

Sue’s Tech Kitchen is a tech-fueled wonderland for the mouth and the mind. Envisioned by bestselling author and serial entrepreneur Randi Zuckerberg, designed by a NASA scientist, and featuring technologies from all corners of the modern imagination, Sue's Tech Kitchen offers a STEM-inspired adventure for the whole family that empowers kids to engage with tomorrow’s technologies and revolutionizes family dining in the process. Visitors of all ages can enjoy 3D-printed s'mores, robots controlled by candy, edible chemistry experiments, treat-dropping drones, and more.

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7.15.18 | 10:00 am
7.14.18 | 9:00 am
7.13.18 | 9:00 am


Sue's Tech Kitchen
1431 E. Whitestone Blvd. Suite T-160
Austin, TX 78613


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