SXSWedu: Game-Savvy Teachers: Next Generation Learning

Austin Photo Set: SXSWedu_various_March 2013

Teachers are arguably the most significant designers of other people’s learning. They understand how learning works and the types of social interactions crucial for deep learning to take place. Who better, then, to help us learn how gaming technologies can transform the teaching and learning process? Teachers know how to research, collect, and assess evidence for pedagogies, curricula, policies and best practices. They, more than anyone else, know what learners need. This panel looks at initiatives underway to prepare the next generation of game-savvy teachers — a vision that includes value-added games, lesson plans, pedagogical models, technical infrastructure, political support, and research frameworks to justify its value. We will bring together the ASU Center for Games & Impact, who has been spearheading this initiative; tech-savvy Title 1 Sunnyside School District; the creators of Historia; and E-Line Media, who is developing sustainable business models to support this initiative.

Event Details


3.6.13 | 9:00 am


Austin Convention Center
500 E. Cesar Chavez St.
Austin, TX 78701