Theatre en Bloc Presents: Bethany

In the Helen Merrill Award winning play, Bethany, Crystal and Gary live in a nice home in the suburbs. Only it’s not theirs. In fact, they didn’t know each other before they moved in, and the story of how they got there is the beginning of Crystal’s plan to get her life back on track.

Between her job at the Saturn dealership, her new housemate’s conspiracy theories, and the motivational speaker who just might buy that sports car, this new dark comedy will take you on the ride of your life, with a woman willing to take on anything and everything — all for someone named Bethany.

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6.7.14 | 3:00 pm
6.6.14 | 8:00 pm
6.5.14 | 8:00 pm
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6.1.14 | 3:00 pm
5.31.14 | 3:00 pm
5.30.14 | 8:00 pm
5.29.14 | 8:00 pm


The Long Center for the Performing Arts
701 W. Riverside Dr.
Austin, TX 78704


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Tickets: $15-$35