There Will Be Cake (and jokes)

Austin photo: Event_There Will Be Cake_Poster

Last year Katie Pengra was new to Austin. She didn't have many friends and was very underemployed. Ralph Hardesty was her roommate. He had lots of friends, but was looking for employment.

They spent hours and hours together watching Law and Order: SVU, and feeling sad about their lack of prospects. They even (seriously) almost started scrapbooking, just to pass the time away from Stabler and Benson.

In a last ditch effort at not giving up on...everything, they decided to try stand-up.

They liked it a whole lot.

Now, on their one year anniversary of joke tellin', they are putting on a show. The beautiful, magnanimous, gregarious, and fashion-forward Roxy Castillo will be hosting.

And as a thank you to all of the really swell people that they have met, there will be cake and MAYBE party hats. But definitely cake.

Event Details


1.25.12 | 10:00 pm


4803-B Airport Blvd.
Austin, TX 78751


Ticket Info

Free to the general public